written by: luke ballance

Equally adept at songwriting and videography, Wrighty’s boundless creativity has come to inhabit various corners of the musical world. Hailing from South London but now based in Brighton, the seasoned lyricist first earned his stripes MC’ing on the club circuit during the golden age of UK garage. He went on to command respect directing and producing prominent music videos for grime stars including Frisco, Durrty Goodz, and D-Power Diesle - all the while amassing a thoughtful musical oeuvre of his own, taking cues from a diverse range of genres including classic hip hop and house music.


Following a shock cancer diagnosis in 2017 and the news that surgeons would be operating on his throat, Wrighty stirred himself into a self-described frenzy of recording and releasing new material, initially taking the form of weekly freestyles and later culminating in the December 2018 release of his magnum opus: debut album Battle Scars. The introspective ten-track project sees Wrighty grapple with various weighty themes including parenthood, Brexit, institutional racism, and climate change, interspersed with flourishes of light-heartedness and set against a carefully-curated selection of productions from London’s Deyarko, Chicago’s Patron Tone, Nigeria's DJ Klem, and Wurzburg’s Bake That.


It’s a powerful and evocative musical mission statement, and sets the tone for Wrighty’s music to come “deep cuts” of conscious rap, tackling salient issues with immersive imagery and sharp wit that indisputably places him alongside the best in the game. Are you listening?

Battle Scars the debut album from Wrighty is available across all digital platforms.

Credits & Special Thanks to:

Treasa Gregor

Edmund Vercher

Shae Mendieta

Jody Wimberly

Cristobal Romanelli

Alexander Kanter

Christene Lossett

Billy Fogal

Raymundo Klutts

Murray Rasheed


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